Monday, January 5, 2015

Ballet in a New Year

It's a new year and I am going to do ALL THE THINGS!

-Ballet: at least 2x a week, ideally 3.
-Handstands: do 5 minutes every day.
-See more shows.
-Fix my body/stop being injured.
-Eat more home cooked meals.

Also new year, new blog!  I want to use this blog as my dance journal to keep track of my progress.

And so:

I managed to get out of bed and get to my first class of the year on Friday.  It was at my regular studio, but with a different teacher.  It started slow, and the teacher went into quite a bit of detail about what she wanted in the arms, which was great because I feel like a lot of adult beginner classes tell you to do the arms if you know them or just skip them if you don't.  So how are you ever supposed to learn arms!?  (My solution has been YouTube.)  She also emphasized épaulement and the placement of the head more than my regular teacher.  I didn't do so great at this...I tend to look straight ahead because I'm focusing so hard on everything below.  

Then the pace picked up and it got quite hard for me (freaking frappés), but it was cool to do different exercises than usual and to learn new things.  We did assemblés at the barre, and I actually understood them this time around (I had only previously attempted these in a class when I was visiting LA).   Using the barre to see the fifth position in the air helped a lot.  We also did quarter and half pirouettes, and these went better than usual!  We did the preparation slightly differently (tendu front rather than side), and for the last turn we closed back to be ready for the other side.  Also, we did pas de bourrée both ways.  I didn't even know they went the opposite way (we usually do front side back).

As always, I got corrected on my left leg turning in when I went to the side in développé.  Also to engage my butt more to lengthen the spine, and to make sure my knees don't come in in plié at center  The most interesting correction I got was at center during a soutenu turn and I went the wrong way.  She had gone over them in class earlier, telling us to keep the weight on the front foot, and move the back foot only, and to make a decisive step when bringing the other foot forward.  This isn't what she corrected me on though.  She said, "I don't want you following anyone.  I see you looking at her, and then at her, trying to pick who to follow, and you picked her, and you picked wrong!"  Haha!

Sunday I took barre at the studio where I train my primary movement thing.  It was a bit nerve racking because I see these people 15 hours a week and really wanted to be not terrible.  I actually take ballet more than a lot of the people there though, so it was pretty fun.  I got corrected that my left foot sickles in frappe back (I know I sometimes do this in dégagé back on the left as well).

Things I should practice at home:

Turning, those tendu walks forwards and back (using the head).

I've been practicing my balances at home, and they feel awesome lately!  I sometimes feel like I could stay in relevé forever.

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  1. She saw you looking for someone to follow and saw that you picked the wrong one!!!! Lolzforever! For both you and the girl you followed! Ohmygosh so funny, sounds like a great teacher.