Thursday, January 8, 2015


This is a quick post about my other (primary) form of movement study.  I'm calling it that without going into specifics because it is a small community and I want to maintain some anonymity in the small chance that they discover this blog.

My lines felt really good during technique class yesterday.  I think ballet is helping a lot, especially with my extensions.  We also did choreography class, where we paired off into choreographer / performer pairs.  I was choreographed on.  It was harder to maintain those clean lines during the piece (my knees aren't as nice and straight and my feet can get a little wonky), because there were parts that were quite fast and needed a lot of strength and endurance.  The movements were very staccato, and I'm much better in my lines in adagio.

The choreography was quite precise in some places, with my partner giving me very specific counts for certain movements.  That was an interesting experience, as the style in the studio is usually to give the sequence / moves, but to leave the musicality and stylistic choices up to the performer.  I rather enjoyed having such detailed instruction.  I think I like counts a lot more nowadays because of ballet; they are easier to feel and keep track of than before.

I think I was able to convey the mood and character in the piece quite well, and got some praise on my musicality.  This is why I love this form of movement; I am at the point in my mechanics where I can let go and really move / dance / perform.  Just have to remember my form better while I'm doing that.

I am pretty far away from that sort of expressiveness in ballet, as I still really have to focus on technique there, although sometimes I get glimmers of it in center.

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