Tuesday, January 6, 2015

She DOES know my name!

Went to my regular Monday night class yesterday and it was great.  There were some notable improvements!  My right foot was really able to articulate in tendu; it did that licking / brushing the floor thing.  My left not so much.  I wonder if it is because I am "right-footed" (is that a thing?).  My left foot is actually stronger and more flexible, especially since I sprained my right a few months ago, but my left knee and hip are more messed up, so who knows.

I also got a bunch of positive comments.  She complimented my passé, ronde de jambe en l'aire, and I even got some praise for my quarter / half pirouettes!  The biggest deal for me is that she gave me comments and corrections BY NAME.  For the past few months, she has been saying that she is really good with names...but she never used mine, until last night. It felt really nice and personal.

Corrections: developpé left (sigh, constant correction...she told me to go lower to correct my placement), keep the upper body stiller in dégagé.  My changement were so terrible last night that she had me do them again after the group.  I was landing way too heavily.  And she didn't say it, but I know I wasn't properly using my plié or the floor.  I was really tired though, because we had just done a bunch of réléve (on two feet and one) and sauté.

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