Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easing Back In

I'm easing back into my training schedule after vacation last week and an ankle sprain.  Got back into Other Movement on Friday.  I was super careful about my ankle, and it felt okay afterwards.  Saturday we had company class; it was a lot of improv, nothing too strenuous.  

I was a bit sore this morning, but pleasantly so.  Had a split private with FBT (Friend Ballet Teacher), in which we focused on PT exercises because of our various body problems.  Did a bunch to strengthen my butt and inner thighs (side walks with theraband around legs, adducting with theraband tied to couch) to help my hip flexor.  Did toe strengthening with that toe scruncher thing, because FBT says my toes are so long we have to strengthen them to decrease chance of injury en pointe.  Balancing and relevés on a cushion to strengthen my sprained ankle.

Then we headed over to Other Movement studio for ballet class there.  I really love this teacher's warm up.  He dances modern professionally, and there are a lot of contractions and roll ups and rolls downs in parallel leading with the head.  It feels really dancey in a different way that I like.  

The rest of the class moved a bit slow.  He likes to explain a lot between exercises--I think for the benefit of some people who aren't too familiar with ballet as they primarily do Other Movement, but I do wonder if they would benefit more from learning in their bodies!  However, the exercises are a bit difficult in some ways, as he likes to do tricky counts (to me anyway).  I do wish we had a more thorough barre, as I didn't feel warm enough for the grand battement that we did at the end.  And I just wanted more ballet!

A really good correction I got was not to pull up with my chin so much, and to have elongation and space in the back of my neck as well, instead of tilting back.  Balancing felt excellent today, especially in sous-sus.  I didn't do passé relevé on my sprained ankle, but held a really good one on flat on that side.  Annoying that my right ankle is sprained, as that is my better side.

Oh!  And I got a really nice compliment from one of my Other Movement teachers who was taking the class.  She said my wrists, arms and hands were looking nice and have improved a lot.  I wonder if my practicing my port de bras in the water when I was on vacation helped!  It's nice to have an objective eye weigh in on progress.

Planning to take my regular class tomorrow, but am thinking about skipping center because FBT says I absolutely should not be jumping on my sprained ankle.  What is the etiquette on that???  To Google I go.

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