Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Fix the Lost Drawstring on Your Ballet Slipper (without Fancy Tools)

1.  Feel for where the ends of the drawstring are.

2.  Cut a hole into casing and pull end out.

3.  Thread a needle and stitch into end of the drawstring, pull the needle through the channel until drawstring end is out.  Secure with safety pin or knot.

4.  Repeat with other side.

5.  Except it doesn't work as easily.  Struggle to get drawstring to enter channel.  Curse and get frustrated.

6.  Enlist boyfriend to be extra hand in project.

7.  Fight with boyfriend about bossiness and taking over.

8.  Finally get the other end out, but don't secure it because you figure you can just knot the ends together and be done with the whole thing.

9.  Lose the end into the shoe again trying to tie the knot.

10.  Give up on life.

Okay, so I managed to fix my Capezio Juliet shoe.  Because I cannot with the Bloch Pro-Elastics.  As in cannot turn without feeling like it's going to fall off my foot.  Maybe it was't entirely the shoes fault, but it was definitely a little bit the shoes fault...since it did get all twisty.  So back to the Juliet for now, until I figure out my next move.

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