Monday, February 9, 2015

I Didn't Fall Over and Die

I did bourrées en pointe across the room all by myself in my private with FBT (Friend Ballet Teacher) yesterday.  And I didn't fall over and die!

I am exhausted though.  I essentially wound up doing two privates in a row yesterday.

First was my aforementioned regular private with FBT.  I had let FBT know that I felt like I wasn't placed evenly between my feet in fifth  and fourth, so we worked on that a bit before doing pointe.  Stupid left lazy buttock is to blame of course.

Then I headed over to Other Movement studio to take ballet there.  It wound up being only two of us in class, so we got tons of individual attention.  We really worked on maintaining our turnout from the hips.  He kept talking about spirals, like screwing down our standing leg in order to pull up in opposition.  He said I have to avoid falling into my hyperextension instead of using my muscles.

As always, his combinations were a bit tricky and fast, but I felt like I did better than usual.  I just felt so pulled up that things like super fast degagés felt (a little bit) easier.

It was a long day.  We had a company meeting about upcoming performances (something I'm really excited about is in the works, but can't announce it here for a while yet probably).  I didn't really sleep.  I am still going to ballet tonight even though I am exhausted.  #Resolutions.

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