Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Looking for a New Ballet Slipper

As previously mentioned, I lost the drawstring on one of my slippers (Capezio Juliette).  Maybe because of this debacle, I decided to buy a pair of Bloch Pro-Elastics, which forego drawstrings all together.

...I really don't like them at the moment.  They might be half a size too big, but the heel is really baggy.  And the shoe is cut really low, so it feels like it's going to slip off, especially on my left thinner, smaller foot.  There are also some weird gaps when I go up on demi.

I do like the way they hug my arch though (my previous slippers were a bit baggy there which I hated).  I think the vamp is good for my long toes too.  And the elastic around the top doesn't dig as much as drawstrings.

I'm going to wash them to see if they shrink.  Then I'll either try sizing down or a new slipper.  Maybe a stretch canvas shoe?  My friend suggested leather for if I really want to mold the shoe to my feet, but I really hate the way leather squeaks.  It makes my brain itch.


  1. This happened to me too. Bought my Bloch pro elastics and they were too big everywhere. Would like to try again after trying them on in store maybe.

    1. Washing them DID make them shrink, which helped, but the way they sit so low still makes them feel like they might slip off.

      I think I'm going to try that Sansha shoe a lot of people use next--it comes in a narrow width and is not too pricey.

  2. I didn't like these either. Not so baggy at the heel, but more the fact that they really put unwanted pressure at the basin of my Achilles tendons. Not cool at all