Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pet Peeve


It kind of annoys me when

Dancers who seem to fancy themselves more advanced

Do the next thing in the combination really quickly

Almost as if to show off that they know it so well

But then they are ahead of the music


(Real, or just my imagination?)


  1. Semi-real. There are several people in my classes who can't keep time with the music, and are often a half a beat ahead. And the longer an exercise goes on, the more off-time they get. It's like they're just going through the steps without listening to the music at all. I don't think it's because they fancy themselves as more advanced, but maybe I'm just being optimistic.

    1. Yeah, I wonder if I feel like it's a "people thinking they are advanced" thing because I'm watching the people who I think are "good" in class to follow them. So I'd obviously notice them being ahead of the music more.

      I actually think I fall into the opposite problem (and maybe people have a pet peeve about me!), in which if I hit a really nice position, I'm going to want to hold it to the detriment of being late. Like, if I do a good developpe a la seconde above 90? I'm holding that sucker!