Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When Everything is a Little Off

Vacation time is definitely over, and yesterday was my first class back at my regular Monday night class, and everything was a little off.

I lost the drawstring in my shoe before class, so it didn't fit right.  And I was wearing an ankle brace because of my sprained ankle, which made me feel weirdly disconnected to my right foot.

I was also just kind of tired and unfocused.  There were times I just actually forgot where we were in a combination.  Like for ronde de jambes we did ronde de jambe en dehors à terre four times, one raised, tendu, arabesque, close back and then reverse the whole thing en dedans.  I was so out of it, I did it en dehor once, but forgot or something and started doing them en dehor again instead of reversing it.  Oops!  And then just some other little things, like forgetting to hold something a count or whatever.  The teacher caught me on two of my mistakes, but I corrected myself as soon as she looked at me, and we just smiled and shrugged at each other.

I didn't stay for center because my ankle started hurting during frappé.  I talked to my teacher and she was really nice about it.  And she said even said she loved when I came to class!  Which was nice but...I'm still not 100% sure she remembers me all the time.  She used my name then because she was looking at the class roster between barre and center, but I just have a feeling.  I guess I just have to come to class even more!

Compliments: I think she may have complimented my developpé à la seconde, but I couldn't tell if she was talking to me, because I wasn't looking at her and she didn't use my name.  It was in my general direction.

Corrections: Rounder arms in fifth, remember to keep shoulders down (very bad habit / structural imabalance from Other Movement).

Even though everything was a little off, I still enjoyed myself.  Because it's ballet, and ballet is fun!

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