Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ballet West at the Joyce Theater & Plans

Truth time..  I went to see Ballet West at the Joyce because of the reality show Breaking Pointe.  Well, also that I like to watch ballet.  And I will admit it was pretty cool to see Allison DeBona, my favorite villain turned heroine after Camille of RHoBH (I am admitting so many embarrassing secrets!).

The New York Times did a good article on the company and pieces they performed if you are interested.

I don't see a lot of contemporary ballet, so the program was very interesting to me.  I really liked two of the pieces a lot.  My favorite was "The Sixth Beauty" (choreographed by Matthew Neenan).  It felt like a sad and beautiful dream.  I also liked "The Lottery" (Val Caniparoli), a narrative ballet that had suspenseful and effective storytelling and nifty production design.

Unfortunately, I really disliked "Games," which portrayed a three person poly relationship.  The interactions between the characters just weren't very interesting and didn't have a lot of depth.  Some of the parts were cutesy and fun, but the piece didn't go with that angle enough to make it interesting.  It just didn't really seem to have a point of view beyond hey look, atypical relationship here.  The production design and costumes were awkward as well.

The dancing was gorgeous overall.  At the Joyce, the cheap seats are up front, so I got to see the details of the dancers' faces, feet and hands.  You sacrifice seeing the overall composition a bit, but I liked the intimacy of the experience.

Watching them reinforced my desire to be able to dance.  Obviously I don't mean at that level, but to be able to DANCE and not just go through the movements with technique.  On that note, in an effort to get closer to that...I am taking a break from Other Movement to focus on dance for this month.  I will be upping ballet from 2-3 times a week to 4-5 and adding modern.  Stay tuned for reports!

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