Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fantasy vs. Reality


So like many an intrepid adult ballet beginner, I took it upon myself this week to figure out pirouettes.  I read every single thing there is to be read online about mastering pirouettes (breathe, pull up, get over that standing leg, really use the plié, use your back, etc).  I practiced spotting and passé relevé balances at home like a champ.  I visualized floating through my pirouettes, calmly and smoothly.  I went to class yesterday READY TO TURN.


Quarter turns, clean.  Half turns, decent, still able to control that balance at the end.  Full turn time.  WHYYYY.  My alignment was completely horrible.  My body was completely twisted and hunched over in its ending position, working leg not turned out at all.  I guess I got around (barely), but it was NOT PRETTY.  I did notice that when I fell out, it was toward my standing leg, which (according to my research) means I am not pulling up enough.

(My best turn remains the one I randomly did during that PT appointment, where they wanted to test my motor control.)

The rest of yesterday's class went great though.  It was smaller and didn't have any new beginners, so my teacher was able to do a harder class.  We did a lot of fun combinations, including a very pretty adage in center with beautiful port de bras.  I was able to jump again since my ankle has stopped hurting!  I really liked the jump sequence across the floor that we did (sauté arabesque, sauté passé, 3x chassé, piqué arabesque).  It felt like flying.


  1. I don't know if this will help, but I find that sometimes I use too much force for one pirouette and it throws me off.

    1. Yeah, I am definitely guilty of like winding/twisting too much for my turns because I think the extra force will get me around (even though I know better!). :(