Sunday, March 15, 2015


Sorry for the lack of recent updates, but as the title of this post indicates, I've been pretty overwhelmed.  We have been preparing for a production in my Other Movement thing.  I had a semi-significant part and was involved in some other aspects of the production as well.  Of course, I got sick the day before opening night (Friday), but managed to pull off the performance with the power of Advil and adrenaline!  We had a second night, and then off until next weekend.

Ballet has been on the back burner because of this for the past two weeks.  I had a split-private with FBT (Friend Ballet Teacher) earlier this week, and it was kind of discouraging.  We didn't do pointe, but did a full class instead (with barre and center).  The friend I split the privates with is way more advanced than me, which usually doesn't matter when we are doing pointe because we are equally beginner at that.  But without that, we did way harder combinations and I felt a bit flaily and lost.  We worked a lot on épaulement, which I guess was good because I need to learn it, but I find it difficult on the best of days.

FBT actually went with me to my class today because she wanted a basic class, and it was actually way more basic than the last time I took the class; a lot was done facing the barre.  It was good though to be able to focus on technique.  I did like the center adagio combination a lot, it felt very pretty and dancey.  It went (I think), start in fifth croisé, plié, tendu, sous-sus, plié and straighten, developé front, developé back to arabesque, close back, pas de bourée to en face, pas de bourée to croisé other side.  We also did that turning exercise again and it went a lot better this time.  The teacher didn't really give so many individual corrections or comments.  Overall I felt kind of meh about today's class, but it was a good way to ease back in.

Looking forward to tomorrow's class, which is my favorite.

Not the most interesting post, but I am still kind of sick, and very tired and overwhelmed mentally, emotionally, physically.

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