Monday, April 20, 2015


So on Friday I took another class with the Bournonville teacher, but I took his basic level class instead of the one level up class.  As always, I won't ever say a class is too easy for me, because there are always things to work on...but it was a fairly basic class.

I just don't understand how one is supposed to go from that class to the class one level up?  The gap in presumed knowledge seems really big.  Even if I took this basic class a hundred times, I don't think it would prepare me for the next level.

Should I be taking the class one level up?  Is there a learning curve I just have to deal with?  Like I said, I think my technique was cleaner than several other people taking that harder class; there were just some combinations that were too fast and tricky.  Is that safe to tackle, or will it just give me bad habits?

In times like this, I wish there was a curriculum class with a clear progression that I could take.  It's hard to cobble together a schedule on your own that gives you what you need to improve and progress.

I enjoyed the class regardless.  There was fun fast footwork.  He did a dégagé combination that was a little different from usual.  The one I get a lot is the classic (imagine right - left) 8-8-4-4-2-2-1-1-1-1.  We did instead (again, right - left) 8-4-2-1-1-8-4-2-1-1.  I also liked the way the explained dégagé.  He said there is no real lift to do dégagé.  It is more of an extension of the tendu.  I guess it's like the energy goes out and in, rather than up or down in any way.

We again did the Bournonville style port de bras in center.  I think he said it was Bournonville's "Thursday" class arms (he apparently liked to give a set class that he named after days of the week, even though you might do a "Wednesday" class on a Tuesday!).  It's very simple.  It starts en croisé bras bas leaning slightly forward, lifting to first, up to fifth, opening to second.  The reverse starts opening to second with a cambré back, etc.  The épaulement comes very naturally in the movement, it just makes sense to move your head and shoulders. I seriously felt like some kind of woodland creature every time we did it.  When we did bras bas leaning forward, I could imagine myself gathering flowers or touching a stream.

I also have to admit...I think I enjoy this class because the teacher is not unattractive.  Apparently my taste in men runs towards those with perfect turnout!  ;)

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