Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Monday Fun!

Okay, enough with the emo whinging!  I had a wonderful time at ballet yesterday.

My Monday teacher, who is always quite theatrical, was in rare form last night (I think she is in rehearsal for something at the moment).  She was hilarious, and did lots of exaggerated funny demonstrations of what NOT to do.  She did not push us as much as she sometimes does because there was a newbie, but it was a nice thorough class.

I don't want to seem boastful, but I was asked to demo several things.  I even got an approving compliment for my demonstration of grand battement en croix.  I have been working on these with FBT, and am finally getting how to use the floor and not grip.  The height to the side has definitely improved a lot, even with the tendu preparation.  I was also asked to demo a quarter pirouette in center!  Apparently my turns are getting better.  Only for quarters and halves...the whole remains elusive, but even so, I understand the feeling more now.

My best friend from high school took class with me yesterday (she usually does Monday class with me) and it felt really nice.  There was a moment where we were trying to find our balance doing the tapping the barre thing and we caught each other's eyes in the mirror and cracked up.  There was a beautiful moment facing the barre and mirror where we were really in sync with the music and each other, and the girls in back of us, who were perfectly staggered between us, were also in sync.  Our legs looked so beautiful moving in unison.

Adagio in the center was a very pretty combination.  Start in fifth right foot front.  Two pliés with arms going out slightly to the side from bras bas (like a breath of air).  Port de bras (first through fifth to second back to bras bas).  Developpé front, arms to fifth, tendu to close for all of these.  Developpé side with arms in second.  Two pliés with arms again, reverse the port de bras.  Developpé back to first arabesque (ugh, so hard for me to not drop the knee here).  Developpé side again.  My arms looked noticeably less Frankensteinish in this exercise, pretty even.  I still need to get more forward on the standing leg for these developpés, but I felt some improvement.

A good class and a nice dinner afterwards with too much wine!

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