Thursday, May 7, 2015

Movements I Like / Movements I Don't Like (To Do)


Movements I Like To Do

-Anything adagio.  I have decent extensions.

-Grand battement.  I like the release in the hips (now that I don't grip!).

-Balancing in sous-sus.  So pulled up, so aligned!

-Tendu.  Is there anything better than a really well articulated tendu?  So basic and perfect.

-Big grand allegro jumps .  It is like flying!  I like the reach of them.

-Bourrées en pointe.  Like being a revenge spirit in Giselle.

Movements I Don't Like To Do

-Anything petite allegro.  Fast and precise is hard.  My foot brain connection is slowwwww.

-Especially little jumps.  Stupid fast little jumps. :-|

-Turns.  Boo, hiss.  Some people are natural turners.  I am jealous if you are one.

-Balancing on one leg.  Probably why pirouettes are hard.  My weight doesn't stay forward enough.


  1. My listing would be quite similar than yours. Petit allegro is a totally not for me. I prefer adagio any day over the allegro. Biggest differrence is turns. I kind of like the, alltough I'm not that good at them.. Getting better though. Pique pirouettes were the first I noticed to be improving.

    1. It's like when I have to do a turn, my body forgets everything about pulling up and alignment and turns into a GIANT FLOPPY NOODLE WITH FLAILING ARMS!

    2. :D I get that. Totally. It'a slow process, but I bet you can get there (or actually, that we can!) :)

  2. Ditto girl, hate petite allegro as well. My mind and body can never seem to coordinate on time! Although II'm not good at turns, i love doing it, just... not too much of it. haha

    1. Yeah, I feel like I'm always late on petite allegro because it takes a second for my brain to tell my body, GO GO GO! Hoping it will get better with muscle memory.