Friday, June 5, 2015

Balletomania: La Bayadère

Meh, that was a rather dull Wednesday matinee.  So much so that I'm not really inspired to write much about it, except to jot down my notes for my records.

The big "thing" in La Bayadère is the corps Shade entrance (they file in one by one, moving into an arabesque and sweeping back).  This entrance was quite beautifully dreamy and the corps were very together.  The solos in this act were pretty forgettable though.

Hee Seo had some really lovely lines, but no charisma as Nikiya.  A lot of people have written that she is dull and bland, and I'm afraid I have to agree.  Stella Abrera was an elegant and interesting Gamzatti (really she was the high point of the whole thing), but it looked like she had some bobbles during the wedding scene.  Cory Stearns was fine as Solor I guess, but he and Seo had no discernible chemistry.  Without a believable love story, the whole narrative sort of felt flat.  The most emotionally charged scene was when Nikiya and Gamzatti fought (thanks to Abrera).  I liked Zhiyao Zhang as The Bronze Idol.

I thought I would like this more than I did.  Maybe the performances were to blame...but the music seemed meh, the story seemed meh, the choreography seemed meh...etc, etc.  MEH.  I pretty much completely agree with Alastair Macauley's review of the production in the New York Times (I usually don't agree with him at all, haha).

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