Thursday, June 18, 2015

Balletomania: Romeo & Juliet

My first R&J (ABT doing the MacMillan version, Wednesday 6/17 matinee), quick notes:

-The Prokofiev score is gorgeous.

-It's as much of a bromance as a romance!  Benvolio and Mercutio are major characters and major dance parts with lots of bravura solos.  The roles were well danced by Calvin Royal and Arron Scott, respectively, and they had great camaraderie with Romeo (James Whiteside).  I especially liked Royal's stage presence.

-But that does not diminish the romance.  Gillian Murphy was a superb Juliet, especially when partnering with Whiteside.  Their balcony scene was incredible.  They had great chemistry.  I will admit I had tears in my eyes.

-The corps looked a bit raggedy, some of the lines seemed quite off at times?

-I don't like the scene where Juliet's friends dance in her room after she takes the poison.  It feels really random and takes away from the emotional drama in the narrative.

-The color palette was a bit too brown overall.  A few jewel tones would have been really nice!  I also did not like the church backdrop.  The draftsmanship looked cartoonish and again, I didn't like the colors.

-Overall, I really liked this production and yesterday's performance of it!  Excited to see Julie Kent as Juliet in her farewell performance on Saturday.

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