Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Not Cute

I took a class recently, and there were some things that were NOT CUTE.

We did these combinations with chugs.  I don't know the formal name for these, but they're when you are in an arabesque (arabesque allongée?) and hop in a direction on the standing leg.  The corps do them in Giselle in lines together across the stage and it's always very impressive!

Anyway, we did four chugs and then four emboîté.  It was my first time doing emboîté, and I kind of felt like a drunk frog creature.  NOT CUTE.  Then the teacher changed it so we did the chugs as a turn, so you had to get completely around in four chugs before doing the emboîté.  NOT CUTE.

We also did pas de chat that class, which I've done before...but they looked particularly ugly that day.  And doing them on top of the chug combinations...so much NOT CUTE!


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