Monday, June 15, 2015

A Strict Teacher

Our sub for tonight's regular Monday class is a strict teacher.  It says so in her Dance Magazine interview.  Also, she would not begin anything without us standing properly and did not hesitate to restart or repeat an exercise if we were off.  Also, she started class by saying "I am a strict teacher."

The barre was not extremely difficult, but I found myself working extremely hard and precisely because I did not want to disappoint Strict Teacher.  And she was extremely strict about musicality as well, and strict about the coordination of the head and arms.

I liked having a strict teacher, because it meant she actually cared about us as students, even though we are adult beginners.  That she took us seriously.  And I could see that everyone else worked extremely hard tonight too.

Note that I call her Strict Teacher and not Mean Teacher.  There is a difference.

You may have noticed that I form a teacher crush on most new teachers I take class from.  Tonight was no different.  I wanted to be her.  I wanted to be her friend?  Daughter?  I DON'T KNOW OMG FEELINGS.

Dance journal section: hands on corrections for broadening across my collarbones, slight squaring of hips, and rotating me more in my tendu back (I love hands on corrections).   Also, for my passé, I was putting the foot to the nook of my knee (which is how I was initially taught) and she said, "Why are you so stingy with your passé?  If you have it, use it!"  And put my foot much higher...different school?  For our pas de bourrée, she had us do a very clear coupé with the foot that was being picked up (like for the second step); I feel like we usually step it to the side without that coupé front.  It's much prettier this way, but a bit confusing!

I hope we have Strict Teacher again.

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