Friday, June 19, 2015

Stupid Small Jumps

So in class yesterday we were doing basic small jumps in the center, sautés, échappés and changements.  It's taken me a while to be able to do these on tempo.  Seriously, I used to always be late on every single little jump.  I took all the tips I could find to help with that, such as thinking about the down part of the jump and not just the up, etc.

Anyway, I was on tempo for the combination yesterday, but got the correction that my knees weren't perfectly straight when I was in the air.  My teacher had me do them without music and said my form was good, and then had me do them on tempo again...and it was not so good.  So apparently, I have been sacrificing my form to get speed!  She kept me after class and said I had come so far and that I was working so well in everything at the barre (yay), but that it wasn't translating to jumps in the center (boo).  I did some jumps for her that she said were beautiful, but I still don't think I can do them like that fast to music!

It's so much easier to get perfect feet and knees in the air when you have more time and jump higher (this is why I like grand allegro jumps more than petit allegro jumps).  How are you supposed to get into a perfect position in the air, when you have to land so quickly?  In class, should I work on having form or speed in these jumps?  Obviously I aspire to have both....

I was reading more about petit allegro today, and someone said that you have to think about the rebound in petit allegro, like a bouncing ball, rather than it being jump-and-land-and-jump-and-land.  Maybe that will help.  Something to practice at home I guess.

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