Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Compliment

In the class I took on Friday, the teacher said I had nice lines!

Of course it came with a caveat "but you're sitting in your hyperextension a bit."

But still, nice lines!  Me!

I feel funny about posting this because I don't want to sound braggy.  But this means a lot to me because I started this ballet journey to improve my lines for Other Movement, where I definitely was NOT told that I have nice lines.  It's almost been a year since I've started ballet and it's nice to feel that I'm improving.

It was a great class (and not just because I got a compliment).  This teacher gives a lot of individual correction, and is not afraid of being hands on.  He corrected me on tendu back, saying I could open the hip just a bit to maintain my turnout better.  I also got corrected on pulling up from my standing hip more, as if there was a hot poker under my butt.  He put his hands around my waist like a corset and physically pulled me up!

We also did some center combinations that were new to me.  One was pas de cheval to pique sous-sus en croix twice, followed by two soutenou turns en face.  Another was two balancé followed by three chaine turns.  (Wow do I suck at spotting.)

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