Friday, July 31, 2015

Back from Vacation

I got back from vacation a week ago.  Honestly, it was kind of hellish.  It was too hot, there were a ton of bugs and "in-laws" around, and there was nowhere to take ballet.  I tried to do a barre on the balcony one day, but it was carpeted, which made everything difficult.  Rug burn on feet!  I wound up doing yoga in town a few times to not go completely crazy.  I practiced port de bras and extensions in the pool (I love the feeling) when it wasn't too hot.  Seriously, it was so hot.

Anyway, I went to class the day after getting back.  On the schedule it had one of my favorite teachers subbing for one of my unfavorite teachers, so I was pretty excited.  Got to class and it turns out that was a mistake, and the unfavorite teacher was there instead.  However, it actually would up being an pretty good class.  The pianist was really good, and the music was beautiful.  I understood her class a bit more and it felt less random that day.

Unfortunately, my week of mostly sitting around had its effects.  I noticed my shoulders riding up a several times, and that lovely pulled up feeling I had discovered before vacation was somewhat absent.  It wasn't atrocious or anything...I just felt off.

I went to class again the day after that.  There was a sub who clearly doesn't usually teach beginners and her class felt more like one level up.  I did like the challenge, but as I was still easing back in, I did wish it was a little more beginner.  The barre was fast paced so I wasn't able to focus on my technique as much as I had hoped.  

There was on exercise I really liked for arabesque.  She had us cross the opposite arm over on the bar to keep the shoulder and hips really square.  I think my practicing arabesques in the pool during vacation really helped (and maybe the flexibility coach I've been seeing?  more on that later), as mine was at least 90 and looked pretty well aligned!

Center was a bit tricky, but mostly enjoyable.  Thank god I'm somewhat more comfortable with turns now, as this teacher just put them in combinations (a more one level up thing in my experience).  As usual, most of mine were terrible, but I had one good one en dehor to the left.  There was one combination I really liked.  It went: échappé, pas de bourrée, 2 x changements, 1 soubresaut front, 1 soubresaut back, passé back leg to a relevé balance, close front, repeat soubresaut and passé balance section on other side.  The teacher described the soubresaut as a "boing, boing" and that surprisingly helped!  We did sauté arabesque with arms in second, which I did not like.  I feel like it was too easy for the arms to go back in that position.

Anyway, because I was feeling a bit off, I wanted to go to floor barre yesterday to reset a bit.  But the subway was super messed up and I wound up getting there too late (womp, womp).

Going to class tonight and hopefully it will be better.  

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