Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Comfort Zone

I asked the teacher who I take class with most regularly if I could take the class one level up that she is teaching this summer...

And she said yes!

I have to admit I'm pretty nervous.  In my normal class with her, I'm comfortable with everything that we do.  I can take pretty much any thing she throws at us. She puts me at the end of the barre and in the first line.  (Eeps, again, really not bragging about this.)  

I know when I move up, it'll be challenge....I mean that's why it's a level up right?  But a post on balletandorbust had me thinking about when I first started ballet and could barely do anything at all.  I will just have to start that struggle again with this class, hopefully with enough of a foundation to not work counterproductively.  Of course I'll still be taking 2-3 other classes a week at my normal level, this will just be a weekly push beyond my comfort zone.

Internet spirits, grant me courage!  And also the ability to wake up in a timely fashion, as it a rather early in the morning for a weekend.


  1. Oh, that's so exciting! (Being told that you can take the next higher level class, I mean).
    If I may offer my opinion, I feel that the more struggle-y parts in the harder level class feel more ... I don't know... stressful thay when I first started. Like back then I sucked horribly but I wasn't aware of just how much I sucked, you know? And now, when I'm getting sloppy I can so tell...
    But it's still totally fun to take the next level up! :)

    1. Yes it was easier to be blissfully ignorant in some ways! But at the same time it's nice to have progressed lol. I was talking to FBT about when I first started and she was like oh I have pictures! And I was like please don't....it's so embarrassing to see!