Monday, July 13, 2015

So happy

This isn't really a ballet post, more of a post-ballet post.  I just want to set down this feeling.  FBT came with me to class today, and my best friend from high school was there and it was just amazing.  I worked well in class. And seeing FBT being gorgeous and knowing she was there made me work that much harder.

We all had wine and Chinese food after and FBT and best friend from high school got along really well, and it just made me really happy.  FBT said the teacher gave me a lot of attention and that she saw how much I have improved.  And we tipsily worked on my arabesque and attitude line.

Correction from teacher: don't sit in my back letting my ribs open in passé relevé.  Correction from FBT (after class): more toes and straighter jumping leg in sauté arabesque.

Sorry stupid incoherent entry, but a little drunk and just really really happy to have had some of my favorite people have a good ballet class and a good night together.

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