Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ballet Withdrawal

I haven't had a lot of time to go to ballet class lately.  There has been rehearsal for the show pretty much every day.  I do get to dance and move in that, but I miss ballet!  I've been coping by watching lots of ballet videos and doing Kathryn Morgan's easy barre at home when I have time.  I especially like doing that barre as a warm-up before rehearsal.  It's basic, but I feel like I can focus on my technique a lot doing it.  I felt FBT's lessons about turnout really clicking this week.

On the plus side, I feel very dance-y lately.  In fact I took a new ballet class last week, and the teacher at one point said, "Wow, you can really dance!  Some people have technique but they can't dance." She might have just said it to be nice because I was new to her, but it was good because it made me feel more confident about performing in the show.  I didn't like the class though...really not technical enough for me.  But it did make me realize I feel a lot more comfortable dancing now.

I do have some anxiety about losing what I've learned.  When I do have time to take class, I take the lowest level.  I really can't afford to get injured right now, and I just want to work slowly and cleanly.  But I worry about being able to take class one level up again.  Even though its an open non-syllabus class, the teacher does like to add on to what was done previously so that regulars can get a sense of improvement.  So now I'm anxious that I will be behind and won't be able to do anything.

Taking class tonight, which I'm sure will make me feel better.  I almost always feel better in general after ballet.


  1. I almost always feel better after ballet, too!
    And I just wanted to say, that is an awesome compliment from the teacher! I'm worried I may be one of those people that can't dance no matter how much I work on technique...

    1. I realize we don't actually know each other, but I am absolutely sure you can dance. :)