Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day Ballet

I feel like I could have made a punny title for this post, but I'm too tired to be clever.  I went to ballet every day between Friday and Monday.  (I started this post then, but haven't had time to finish it).

My normal studio was closed on Monday, but there were classes to be had elsewhere in the city, and I wound up going with two new ballet friends!  The first class we went to was a bit intense.  The barre wasn't technically too hard for me, but the teacher didn't really demo and I couldn't really hear him (the studio was big and echo-y) so I had some trouble following.  I think I might add this class to my regular rotation, and I think it will get easier if I do it again.  I had planned to take notes but that fell by the wayside.

My new ballet crew and I also took class that evening.  The class itself was on the easier side, but it was nice to work on basics.  One of said friends is a boy and so he got lots of attention in this class (he always gets lots of attention).  The teacher asked him to stay after class to work on partnering, and my other friend and I got to tag along!  We worked on very basic things like finger turns and spotted shoulder sits.  I actually do a lot more advanced partnering skills in Other Movement, but it was cool to see the ballet way.

We now have a dilemma.  The teacher said we can come again and do the after class bonus partnering.  My normal Monday class is better (for me), but learning ballet partnering is SO rare.  Which to choose?  I feel weirdly disloyal even considering it!

I feel a bit strange having ballet friends.  I worry that they will judge me for being bad in ballet, or that they won't like me and then I'll have to see them in the studio.  My social anxiety makes me just want to be alone, but it is amazing to have people to geek out over ballet with.

The rest of the week has been rehearsals and shows so I am exhausted.  


  1. I get what you mean about feeling disloyal to a studio or teacher. I feel so weird mentioning another studio I go to in front of a girl who teaches at one of them. Leaning partnering seems so rare that I think I would choose to take that class and hope my current studio doesn't mind me cutting down a little on classes there. But you said your current class is better for you, so that makes it different. Maybe take the partnering one once in a while, whenever your friend also wants to go to class. That is so true about guys getting lots of attention in class, I've noticed.
    Lately I've been getting friendlier with some of the other students from class and I really do love having people to dicuss ballet - performances, clothes, class, everything! But I do feel weird when I feel jealous if they're much better at learning ballet than me, or if they start asking me questions that start feeling too private or personal. The whole age thing is weird, as they're on average a decade or more younger than me, and I feel deceitful by witholding my age. And on days when I'm not feeling extra talkative I worry that they'll take it personal... but I just love talking ballet so much that it still outweighs the negatives for me.

    1. Yes, I love having people to talk to about ballet, but it does bring up some weird anxieties and feelings for me. Friendship is hard, haha.

      I think you're right about the partnering thing (doing it once in a while). I'll see what the guy feels about it, since it is completely dependent upon him!