Monday, September 28, 2015

Peer Pressure

We all know that peer pressure is awesome for sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, but apparently it can be pretty good in ballet too.  Ever since the summer schedule ended at my studio, I've been a bit in a quandary.  My regular teacher no longer will be teaching a one level up class, so I've been struggling with figuring out what to take.  As I've mentioned, I now have a couple of ballet friends, and they've all been yelling at me for not leveling up consistently.  They think I should only be taking class one level up, and I of course am completely insecure.  Well, this weekend one friend somehow convinced me to take the barre of a class that is labelled TWO levels up with a teacher I've never had before.  PEER PRESSURE.  And also I think she tricked me with pastries.

I felt really weird gate crashing this class, so I had my friend talk to the teacher before to ask if I could do this.  And the teacher was totally nice about it!  And it was totally doable!  And she gave me a great hands on correction!  And my friend said I looked good (she was next to me at the barre)!  This teacher also has a class one level up during the week and I am totally going to take it.  She is very exacting and technical, which I love (hello new teacher crush!).

After the barre of the class two levels up, I took class one level up with another teacher new to me, and again it was totally fine.  I didn't love this class, as it wasn't super technical and he didn't really correct, but it was good practice doing things like pirouettes and slightly faster and more complex combinations.

I think I have to come up with a new way of describing my classes, as it seems I will be leveling up on a more permanent basis!

I really had my fears that having friends in ballet would be weird and awkward.  I thought it might be competitive, but actually they are wonderfully supportive and genuinely nice people.  I guess not everyone is neurotic and strange like me (thank god).

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