Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Attitude Adjustment

Both kind of attitudes!  Firstly, a teacher gave me an amazing hands on correction in attitude derriere.  It almost felt overcrossed the way she placed me, with the knee in the center of the back, but the line looked really good.  FBT always talks about the diagonal on your back in attitude and arabesque, and what she said totally clicked in my body with this correction.

I had a series of good ballet classes this long weekend.  A private with FBT, class with LF, and a double yesterday, including class with regular teacher who is back.  I learned so much in each class.  The corrections I'm getting are now harder to write out, as they are often hands on and about small things.  Subtle shifts in placement and small taps as reminders.  (I will try to write a post about it later.)  FBT remarked on my improvement, and I can feel my technique being much better in everything that I do.

But being in a good mood because of classes is not the second attitude adjustment.

I had been feeling kind of anxious about ballet, about improving fast enough and measuring up to my ballet friends.  This weekend, a few of my former teachers from other disciplines who were very meaningful to me contacted me / randomly ran into me.  This made me realize that I have a fair amount of body knowledge and self-knowledge.  My goals are my own, the way I learn is my own, my experience is my own, my body is my own.  It's not my first time around doing a physically intensive movement thing in a serious fashion, and I CAN trust my instincts about what works best for me, even if it isn't the same as what works for someone else.

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