Friday, October 9, 2015

Corrections Galore

My telepathic powers must be getting stronger.  After several classes of me mentally shouting "Give me more corrections!" at LF, I got what I wanted yesterday!  She corrected me constantly.  I was in heaven.  (Insert gif of Abigail from Dance Academy saying, "Only favorites get that kind of attention."  Except LF is so perfect that she actually gives everyone corrections.)

She corrected me from the beginning in pliés, where she gave me a bunch of hands on to express that she wanted my tailbone to be more lengthened, and my back more held.  I've really been connecting with my low abs and pelvic floor lately (haha, that sounds funny), and it has been helping this alignment.

In dégagé she wanted all of us to close every single one tightly in fifth.  And she was very insistent that the fifths be all the way crossed, and the legs pressed into each other.  She wanted us to think about getting the heel to the opposite shoulder.  My knees get in the way of each other when I'm that crossed though, and then I get a gap in my thighs...maybe I will ask her about this if I get a chance.

Yesterday's class was very focused on shaping the foot.  We did a lot of wrapped sur la cou-de-pied to passé.  In retiré, she won't let you turn out your knee more if it means that the heel is not perfectly forward with the foot winged.  I got a few compliments on my foot shape here after being corrected.

In frappé, we did beats with a flexed foot, and she was on me forever about this.  The knee and thigh apparently are supposed to be very held, but the calf and feet are almost loose so that they can beat.  This was hard for me, because I think I was gripping everything to get the beats?  She literally held my knee and made me do it over and over.

In center during tendu, she gave me a hands on correction on my back to reach my arms more.  I learned something really interesting in one of the combinations.  I think it went, plié, sous-sus, plié, sous-sus, tendu out to second, plié in second, transfer tendu to other foot, close and repeat.  So on my tendu second to plié in second, she asked me "Where is that beautiful turnout you were using at the barre?"  and made me do it a few more times on my own, but I didn't really understand what she wanted.  Until she explained that my working turnout in my tendu was different from my turnout in the plié, so I had to move my foot back and front according.  Oh, what a difference!  I always felt my knees were wonky in this, but now it makes sense.  For jumps, we did a simple, rise, plié, 3 jumps in first, second in fifth.  She made me go alone in changements in fifth, and she wanted my heels to be more forward in the landing.

I can't wait to take her class again.  As much as she corrects, she is also quick to compliment you if you do something the way she wants.  A bit scared to take her class two levels up on Sunday again.  I may just do the barre.  I feel like I learn so much from her, that it's worth being slightly out of my depth.   I hope she continues to correct me a lot as I become a more familiar face to  her!

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