Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Shoes, New You!

If only my ballet problems could be solved with new shoes.  That being said, I really do like my new shoes!  I was on my way to class (not at my usual studio), and passed by the Chacott by Freed store.  It's such a trap!  A beautiful, glittery, tulle covered trap.  My friend says that she feels that her Prince Charming will walk through the door there.  I just wanted to fling money at them and shout, "Take it all!"  Because their stuff is all incredibly gorgeous, and incredibly expensive.

I managed to pry myself away from the leotards ($108!) to ask about their slippers.  I've been wearing my beat up Capezio Juliets for a while (after an ill fated detour to Bloch Pro-Elastics), but I've been wanting something different.  I wanted something where I could feel the floor more.  I use socks to do my barre at home, and I wanted that feeling with a shoe.  Chacott has two kinds of slipper, and I wound up with the stretch canvas one.  It's really light and hugs my arch really well.  It was $30, which is a bit pricey, but I think it works for me.

Maybe it was the new shoes, but I wound up having a pretty good class!  At one point we did pirouettes at the barre from fourth (starting with one hand and going three quarters to face it) with the last one opening to an arabesque.  I usually hate turning at the barre, but something a friend said last week really helped me this time around.  She told me it's practice for turning with a partner.  Thinking about it this way helped me deal with the barre being there, and I stopped thinking about it as being something in my way to crash into.  I ended in a nice passé position in most of these turns, and my arabesque at the end looked really good.  This line is getting a lot better on me (flexibility training is paying off).

It's too bad my turns in the center (six balancés, tombé pas de bourrée to fourth, pirouette en dehours, tendu and lift the back leg, another pirouette en dehours, and then I think a sou-sus, soutenou??) weren't as good.

My jumps were surprisingly un-terrible.  My friend who wasn't jumping because of an injury said I had one really nice entrechat!  Also, my leaps on the right side were decent!  But on the left, it was really hard and mostly terrible.  My friend gave me the note to be less flaily in the arms for my sauté arabesque, sauté passé.

I'm noting down the adagio combination here, because I think this teacher keeps it pretty similar every class.  Port de bras, three ballet walks (does anyone else find ballet walking impossible?), arabesque back, passé, developpé front, passé, attitude back, promenade, arabesque, pas de bourrée, soutenou.  Something like that.

It was nice to have a good class, because I took class two levels up with Teacher Crush (who I am going to call Lilac Fairy from here on in to be LESS CREEPY) over the weekend.  The barre was good, and I got a really good correction on my passé pelvic position.   Center was a bit tricky for me.  Honestly, it wasn't too bad, but I want her to like me...and I felt very at the bottom of the class.  The tricky combination was balancé front, balancé back, waltz turn, tombé pas de bourrée, half turn from fourth, tendu lift, another half turn, tombé pas de bourrée, full pirouette en dehours.  Actually, it was just because I haven't really learned how to waltz turn yet (I've been practicing at home since)!  So basically I could do everything, except for that, and it totally threw me off.  Then I was flustered for jumps across the floor, which was actually pretty simple.  It was just sauté arabesque, chassé, sauté passé, chassé, etc.  So I felt pretty bad about messing up, which just made me more flustered.  Siigh.

Sorry this entry is all over the place.  I needed to catch up on some notes!

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