Thursday, December 31, 2015

Past Year / New Year

So it's been pretty much a full year since I started this blog and got more serious about ballet!  Thank you for hanging out with me in 2015.

I've actually been really busy this week taking class.  I'm off of work and the studio is open so it's been class one or twice every day.  It's given me a lot of time to realize how much better I've gotten.   Looking back on the first entry of this blog, I couldn't even do frappés back then!  Or anything really.  I don't think I could even stand properly!  I look back at the combinations I wrote down back then that I thought were hard, and can't believe how far I have come.

So, going back to the first post of this blog, I'm going to go through my resolutions for 2015 and see how I did!

2015 Resolutions:

-Ballet: at least 2x a week, ideally 3.
Yes!  There were some gaps because of shows I was in and some injuries (ankle sprains), but I ended up the year going to class 3-4 times a week.

-Handstands: do 5 minutes every day.
Uhm...I did not do this.

-See more shows.
Yes!  If you read my blog, you may remember my whirlwind ballet season.

-Fix my body/stop being injured.
Sort of.  Some things have gotten better (my hip and back).  My old shoulder injury is now backsliding and giving me some problems.

-Eat more home cooked meals.
Mostly?  I've recently stopped eating meat, which makes me cook more of my own meals.

I think I did okay?  As for 2016, my top priority ballet wise is to stop working so much on stuff I'm already good at and tackle the things I struggle with.  Like, my extensions are already high.  Time to start working on turns, which are awful on me.  And flexibility wise, I already have my oversplits so I should stop stretching my hips all the time.  Time to work on backbends.  No more avoiding the things that don't come naturally to me, because they will never get better.

2016 goals in list form:

-Ballet:  at least 3 times a week, ideally 4-5.
-Cross training:  I started doing reformer Pilates and I think it's going to be amazing for me.  Keeping up yoga and flexibility/contortion training.
-Handstands: Okay, really this on these.
-Become a morning person:  I've been waking up early and stretching and warming up before work.  It makes me feel great, and even when I take class hours later, I feel a lot more prepared.
-Keep going with everything I accomplished last year: more home cooked meals, stick to eating vegetarian, flossing, seeing shows, etc.

Happy new year ballet blog friends!


  1. Happy new years!
    Those sound like great goals. Coincidentally, I did a wall-supported sort-of handstand yesterday, and I was totally like "yes! I've got to do this more!".

    1. Maybe we can keep each other accountable, haha.