Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Secret Ballet Wish

All I want for Christmas is...a private ballet lesson with LF.  I have lots of ballet wishes, but most of them are of the more fantastical variety (like somehow growing amazing insteps).  This wish is more practically feasible, but psychologically feels impossible.

As you know (if you have been following my LF saga), LF is an amazing teacher and danced for many years with a top company.  She also  teaches at a prestigious prepro summer intensive run by a former principal of that company (shaping the future of tomorrow's possible ballet stars!).   And she only teaches one class at the beginner level.

So, how can I ask someone who is perfect in my eyes and mostly teaches people better and more advanced than me for a private?  And what would be the point?

"Hi LF, I know I'm terrible and won't actually be that good in any meaningful way, but can you help me be less terrible?"

Sometimes in our beginner class, I wonder if she gets depressed teaching us adults these basic things.  Especially when we're going across the floor and she's like, do you have it?  And we're like no.  And she has to do the combination with us over and over again.

Objectively I know that she loves ballet and teaching, and probably even loves teaching us mere mortals these basic things because of that.  And she is kind and never is actually impatient with us, and maybe only sometimes frustrated because she wants us to get it because she cares.

I also know that if I asked she would probably say yes, because privates are where the real money is for ballet teachers.  But I want her to not mind teaching me.  And maybe even be happy to.

I just trust her teaching so much.  Usually in her class, I restrain my extensions and don't do high legs because I want to be perfectly placed.  But last week, I just let my battement to the side fly way up because I have been working on it, and LF said it was beautiful.  It made my day and also now I trust that it is right.

It was easy to do privates with FBT.  I knew of her love of teaching me, and she knew of my love of ballet.

I wish FBT were still here.

I wish I had beautiful insteps.

I wish I were brave enough to ask LF for private lessons.

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