Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Rough Class

I've been feeling kind of off in class lately. I can't tell if maybe I'm hitting a different level of awareness, or taking harder classes, or am just tired or what...

Tonight's class was legitimately rough though.  I know this because it wasn't just me.  Most of us did not look good, even one of the really good girls who usually does triples on the turns and beats all the jumps seemed to have some trouble.  My friends and I had a drink after to cope.  Because it was for reals super rough.

Most awful combination of the evening for me? 2 x balancé, 2 x piqué arabesque, tombé pas de bourré, pirouette en dehors from fourth landing in fourth, fouetté to fourth, en dedans pirouette to pas de bourré en tournament, other side. So yeah, there was no way that was going to be good on me.  Whatever.  I was fine with being bad at that.

I was pissed though that I couldn't do the adagio, because it theoretically played to my strengths!  We did it first at the barre and then at center.  In center from croisé: fondu, passé, developpé front, carry to the side, passé, staying in passé to change to the other corner, developpé arabesque, carry to the side, tombé pas de bourré (not changing the direction), other side.  I felt good about this at the barre, but I could not get on my leg at all in center.  This annoyed me, but to be fair my legs were pretty dead because I had done reformer pilates right before and it was harder than usual.  My instinct was to skip ballet after and rest, and perhaps I should have listened to it.

What really made my night worse was that this random woman corrected me in the dressing room after on my extensions.  Not gave me a friendly tip or advice or anything but a very condescending correction. So I usually try to be positive here, but I need to vent tonight.  And this is not coming from me thinking I'm good at ballet or anything, but her technique was not good and the correction she gave me was something she should have been applying to herself.  And honestly even though I was off tonight in my extensions, I'm fairly sure I understand them better than her from what I saw.  I am actually pretty livid (and a little tipsy)!



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    1. A friend actually warned me before class that this woman was argumentative and unpleasant...there's more to her story that is really entertainingly outrageous, but I don't want to dox myself or anyone else.

  2. One of my biggest ballet/dance pet peeves is students correcting other students (unless asked). Never okay. Let the teacher make the corrections, please. So, grr, that would have really grated my cheese!

    1. I seriously don't mind if people give friendly advice even.... I sometimes say like, oh it helps me when I do X. But the way she said it was SO condescending. It makes me mad all over again to think about it.