Thursday, January 21, 2016

Forced to Move Up...

So I was taking class at the lowest level the other day because I wanted some more time and space to really work on LF's corrections.  And the end of class during little jumps, the teacher (who I don't take very often) was yelling me to have more energy through my legs.  My legs were so dead though, so I couldn't really do it.  She was talking to someone else as I was leaving, and I waved to say thanks and she told me to wait.  I thought she was going to say something more about my jumps, so I apologized and explained that my legs were dead and that I wasn't a great jumper to begin with...

And she says, "Why are you taking this class?  You have to take the plunge and move up.  I never want to see you in this level class again!"

Now, I DO take class at the higher level, just not with her, because her class one level up is acknowledged to be the hardest at that level and I'm intimidated by it.

But I guess I've been officially promoted.  Or at least kicked out of lowest level class, haha.

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