Sunday, January 3, 2016

Modern Challenges

My friend convinced me to take modern today at my regular ballet studio.  I will admit I was kind of freaked out.  I've only taken very basic modern classes two or three times before, and this class is open level.  And as I mentioned, in my normal studio!  With people I see all the time in ballet class!

It was harder than the classes I had taken before.  Not necessarily in the combinations, but it was much more technical.  Like the teacher corrected much more on placement, alignment, how to use your weight, etc.  I understood this much more as a method/system than in the previous classes, especially in how things were supposed to be moving with oppositional energy (this also might be because this was more Graham based??).

It's kind of like in ballet, how you initially think a tendu is just moving your foot but when you learn more, you realize all the muscles that need to be activated and how you need to use the floor and all that.  In the (admittedly few) modern classes I had taken before, I was copying the movement but I didn't get what was happening behind them.  It's not like I'm doing it right after this class, but now I have at least somewhat of a conceptual grasp of what it's supposed to be and the principles behind it.

So will there be more modern for me?  On one hand, I feel like it tackles a lot of my weaknesses.  For example, you are really forced to move through space (I feel much earlier on than in ballet).  I also feel like the movement is really beautiful.  There were a few people who were really good, and I loved watching them.  I feel like this could help me develop movement quality.  I also really really love doing floorwork.

On the other hand, I felt really bad for my classmates.  The teacher obviously was making the class more basic for us newcomers. and I hope the regulars didn't feel too put out.  And uhm, do I really need another thing to be bad at in my life?

I kind of want to take class elsewhere, so that I can do modern and be bad at it and nobody will know me and I won't feel as much pressure.

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