Monday, February 1, 2016

Scared and Sad...

I have so many ballet things that would be fun to blog about (like, another private with LF, "taking class" with NYCB dancers for a fundraiser, taking scary teacher's scary class one level up, and taking class with a new ballet pianist, etc.), but I'm kind of distracted right now because of body stuff going on.

Soooo in class last week, my arm and hand went numb.  It's happened before, so I was just soldiering on.  The difference is that this time LF noticed something was wrong, and stopped class to ask me what was up.  I tried to wave it off, because this happens every so often and it goes away.  But she was not having it.  She totally lectured me about how serious it could be and that I had to see a doctor.

Went to the doctor today, and apparently I am having issues with my cervical spine.  Good news is that they don't think it is a disc issue.  Also good news is that I'm allowed to do ballet and Pilates carefully.   But my x-ray shows that my neck is wayyy out of alignment, and that I have some bone spurs developing.  And she says it probably has to do with my hypermobility, that my ligaments aren't holding my vertabrae in place and tight muscles are pulling them out of wack and there's probably some wear and tear from extreme extension of my neck.  So things are pressing on a nerve.   I'm not allowed to do yoga or contortion.

They think it will improve with PT.  I have a followup in 4 weeks.  If it's not better then, we'll move on to getting an MRI and figuring out further options.

I'm scared and sad.


  1. That sounds scary! Best of luck with the physical therapy. Hopefully things will improve!

  2. Thanks Cynthia. I am less mopey now. Onwards and upwards as they say! And really, it could have been a lot worse!

  3. Oh no! Hope you get through this with some PT. I found your blog through Leigh Purtill's website. Do you take classes with her as well? I love all things ballet and considering taking classes with Leigh. How long have you been dancing for?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda! I've only been taking ballet for a little bit over a year, not quite a year and a half. I don't take classes with Leigh as I'm on the other coast, but I am in LA once a year, so I definitely want to take class with her one day...